Thursday, September 3, 2015

An updated acrylic painting of the semi arid area behind where we lived in Frazier Park, California. I loved that reddish tint on the dried brush. It permeated the atmosphere when the sun was going down. I would ride my horse during that time soaking in the beauty of the moment as everything took on that reddish glow. Of course, I also remember how the shadows grew longer and my horse would spook at  a plant, do a sudden side step, and me, relaxed in the saddle, suddenly was bounced to the ground.  9x12", put in a charcoal frame, $110.

I would also like to announce that I am showing on Daily since last week, the 28th of August, I believe, and try to put a painting a day so my gallery will pop up on the front page. Not all of the paintings shown here are on there--some will be included, but larger ones will not since shipping would be so expensive. Anyway, it was my summer goal to get up and running on that site, which hopefully will benefit many viewers, also many buyers and keep me motivated to paint in my studio and plein air. On Thursday nights I start thinking why I shouldn't go, painting outside especially because of the hot, humid weather, but I have made myself just go and find once I'm there, I have so much fun and the time flies. Til next time.

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