Thursday, June 26, 2014

                                    This is our dog, Chloe, who is a schmoodle--a
                        maltese, poodle, shih-tzu. She is quite a character.
                         Her favorite game of all is "delivering mail" which
                        involves taking a giant leap from the bed, pointing
                        towards the door and waiting for the letter to zoom
                        by so she can chase it down and bring it back to
                        me. It's always played after dinner. After several
                        retrievals if she wants to play again, she must
                        woof for me. Usually I get many sneezes and a 
                        growl or two before she gives me a litte bark. I'll
                        be bringing her by every so often. She is our cutie

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lots of Leaves
Acrylic, 9x12"
Love the interaction of different greens. This painting very spur of the moment, fast few minutes and then left. Took about four times like that. Doesn't lose its freshness that way. So, what leaves do you think you can identify?

Really enjoyed painting this one. Learned so much. Just layered that acrylic on and kept adding the detail. All with a palette knife!
Buyer found this at our annual Cape Coral Art League two day art sale. Jim sold quite a few of his third novel there, also. What a team. I intend to do more shrimp boats!

Lake at Babcock Ranch
Acrylic 9x12"
It was such a beautiful morning at this lake. I was taking it all in while still trying to paint.

My Windowsill
Acrylic, 20x16"
Welcome to my blog. With much help from family I am up and running, making several of my paintings available to you to look at and to purchase! I am like the tortoise who took his time getting there but did finish the race.

I hope to have several 9x12" paintings for easy mailing and at an affordable price but will offer larger sizes that have been in shows around southwest Florida for those who need an accent piece for a wall. A painting I donated to Art for Acts yearly auction was bought for a recessed area and absolutely excited the owners at how well it fit in that particular spot.

I have studied under several teachers in the area and also as far away as New Zealand by computer and dvds, and the styles have varied but tend to lean towards impressionism. Recently, in the last few months, I started plein air with the Lee County Plein Air Society until it has gotten quite hot outside! I've painted birds, landscapes, shrimp boats, cottages, abstract, some portraits, horses, sunsets. I am not too fond of still life for myself. I paint in acrylic and oil. I've been entering area shows for many years and right now belong to Cape Coral Art League.

It is my desire that you enjoy visiting my blog. I will probably introduce you to Chloe, my shmoodle (poodle, maltese, shihtsu) pretty soon. I am linked to my husband's website, so you can also find out about his three current novels. He is an awesome author, if I do say so! And, when I am not painting or blogging, I will be typing his fourth novel which already has piqued my interest. One of my larger oil paintings, "Walking the Dog," can be viewed on his blog; it showed in the Alliance of the Arts show in 2013. That's all for now, more later. Thanks for viewing!

Here's Looking at You
acrylic, 9x12"